A truly homely kitchen

This page is dedicated to her, Virginia, the undisputed queen of our much-vaunted home cooking, the best reviews all speak of her and her extraordinary dishes!

Caring for guests at the Genziana comes through food, which, like a hug, gives that warmth that sweetens life. It is not obvious, nor is it easy, to make healthy, delicious food!

Here, vegetables are grown in the garden, tended to, harvested and cooked, and their true taste makes us realise their great value and immense versatility. The use of aromatic herbs replaces that of salt, and every dish here comes from the combinations that the raw materials inspire, from their magical encounter with my hands. The recipes are authentic, handed down from generation to generation…

Here is the secret of her amazing Trentino dishes

…passion for food! Virgy really enjoys cooking and tirelessly perseveres in her mission: to see her guests satiated and fully satisfied with her cooking, happy to review her good work.

We are all unaware of what goes on in the Genziana kitchen, but one thing is certain: in her workshop Virginia jealously guards ancient recipes of good, healthy and genuine Trentino cuisine.

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strangolapreti trentini

quality of raw materials

healthy and genuine cuisine, typical of Trentino!

all homemade
... with love

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