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Autumn in Val di Pejo reserves extraordinary colours, sounds and flavours! The cows return to the barn, the roaring of the deer echoes through the mountains while the foliage fills the eyes with magnificent colours!

The roaring of the deer

The protagonist of autumn

The roaring of the deer resounds in the valleys of the Stelvio National Park in autumn. At the end of September, as the larches begin to turn yellow, the mating season makes these animals restless. The adult males, which reach one-and-a-half metres at the withers and two quintals in weight, begin to issue their calls for a duel, which can be heard several kilometres away.

The deer can go all the way to the fight, galloping towards each other and striking each other with their long, branching antlers. When the most tired male leaves the battlefield, the winner is left with possession of the females and thus the possibility of transmitting their genetic traits to their offspring.

That is why the weeks between September and October are a time of extraordinary charm.

un cervo che bramisce in Val di Pejo
foliage in Val di Pejo
capturing the autumn foliage

a moment of peace and colours!

We have to disprove the common thought that the time to hike in our forests is summer…. Perhaps you have never walked here in autumn.

Autumn is our favourite time of year, a magical time! The sky is always blue and the trees, all but the evergreen firs, change their colour. The larch trees turn yellow/orange, the maple and cherry trees turn red, and the snow-capped peaks create a wonderful contrast with the sky and the vegetation.

The result? Wonderful photographs that will bring enviable shades to your feed and inside you the peace and silence that only autumn in Val di Pejo can give!


Farmers life...

In autumn, our cows return to the barn from their summer pastures, it’s back to everyday life in short…

Early in the morning the cows are milked, and the collected milk delivered to the dairy to be made into butter, cheese, cottage cheese

Curious to see how it works? We are waiting for you at Chalet Genziana where you can share with us all the moments of life on our farm.

famiglia che fa le coccole al vitellino
cervo nel parco nazionale dello Stelvio

Sunrise hike

A hike at dawn to silently observe the lives of the inhabitants of the Stelvio Nature Park. The valuable knowledge of the park operators will highlight all the secrets that the area hides.

Night hike

The evening begins with a brief explanation of the Stelvio Nature Park and its animals. Followed by a typical dinner in an alpine hut or farmhouse with educational moments. At 9.30 p.m. night hike in the forest using the infrared camera.

cervi all'imbrunire

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